I am choosing to fully occupy my body. To be grounded and present, right now. I am always present, right now in my body. My body is full of wisdom, and I am allowing my body to listen to that wisdom, to be connected into that wisdom. I am allowing myself to feel heart centered and connect deeply with my own heart. I am choosing to let my heart be the guidance for myself. I am feeling how grounded and present nature is, and every time I am out in nature, it helps me to be more grounded and present as well. I am very connected to the rhythms of nature and the wisdom of nature. I am allowing nature to teach me principles. I am allowing myself to be calm and quiet, so I can hear my heart’s desires, my heart’s direction in life, and for the wisdom to flow through. I am feeling very powerful in my body. I am enjoying being fully present in my body, walking in life fully engaged. I like being present. I am allowing wisdom and presence to flow through me, and be in me. I am solidly in my being. Yes!

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