I am choosing to let love in. I am allowing myself to be loved. I am attracting loving people. My inner being is focused on loving me. I am in harmony with my inner being. I sense there is love for me and I am getting better at letting it in. I am full of self love and that self love opens me to more love from others. I am an amazing human being. I am easy to love. It is easy for me to let love in. I feel supported in every way. I feel happy in the presence of love. I am allowing deep affection to envelop me. My sacral chakra is fully energized. I put my heart into everything I do. I attract love and compassion. I allow serenity to flood my heart. I think loving thoughts. My heart is open to love. I am being transformed by love. My heart is happy. My energy field is safe. I am beginning a new. I am in perfect harmony. I feel great love toward me. I am allowing love in and that feels good. Yes!

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