Dark green sun

I am comfortable learning new skills. I trust my instincts. I love learning new things. My life is full of exciting adventures. My interests continue to expand. I feel ready for new accomplishments. I am being patient. I have a deep understanding. I am allowing wisdom to reign in my life. I see things clearly. Things are connecting for me. I noticed subtle things as well as the big picture. Details easily fall into place. My memory serves me well. I teach as well as learn new skills with ease. I am calm while in learning mode. I am happy with the skills that I have. I am mastering my skills sets with all the practice I am getting. I am proud of my accomplishments and my knowledge base. The more I learn, the easier it becomes to learn more. I like learning and mastering new skills. I am smart. I am enthusiastic. I love that my awareness is continuing to expand. I am happy that my life is unfolding beautifully. Yes!

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