Red SunI am connecting to my genius. I am aware of my abilities. I have a strong sense of self. I am at ease in my body. More and more, I am allowing myself to be who I truly am. I am alert and focused in the now. I take action on my inspirations. I see things from many facets. I am in joy mode. I feel excited by all the possibilities. I am enjoying the newness of life in the now. My awareness is ever expanding. I allow myself to see things differently. New ideas come to me often. I am comfortable with the unknown. I am centered in my being. I am soaring to new heights. I like the adventure I am living. I appreciate wisdom and understanding. I enjoy collaborating with fellow geniuses. I am at peace in my mind. I appreciate my abilities. I have a grounding presence. Here and now is where I be. I am listening to my still, small voice. I am pleased with my life. I hold myself in high esteem. I am a wonderful human being. Yes!

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