I am connecting to the power of safety. I feel protected. I am aligned with truth. I am receptive to divine guidance. I am in touch with my inner knowing. I feel the unconditional, divine love that I have. My life is full of pleasure. I am amused with how well I am doing. I allow myself to connect with people. I am very grounded. I am perfectly attuned to my vision. I trust myself. I easily settle into peace. I feel heard. I allow myself to be calm. I give myself permission to live in safety. My body, mind, and spirit are aligned with love. I see myself safe and secure. I am open to new beneficial possibilities. I am continuously learning new, wonderful ways of being. I am lovable. I am receptive to beneficial change. I welcome new relationships. I am motivated to be present in the now. God is with me always. Love is omnipresent. I have power, love, and a sound mind. I believe my life is all good. I am in harmony with life. I am enveloped in God’s love. I put my heart in the safety of God. I am cheerful. I am emotionally at peace. I am content. I am making the correct choices for me. I am light. I appreciate the light that I am. My foundation is solid and strong. I trust I am well taken care of. I am at peace with who I am. Yes!

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