I am enjoying freedom. I am allowing my heart to sing, to flourish, to live in joy. I feel open. I feel calm. I feel productive. I feel happy. I feel elated at times. Life is fun, it’s joyful, it’s blissful at times. I am creative. My mind is filled with new ideas. I am excited about life. My heart sings with gladness. I feel uplifted. There is joy in every step that I take. I can easily sink into peaceful bliss whenever I want. I am being responsible for how I feel. I am being responsible for what I think and what I do and how I be. Every cell in my body is feeling love, pure love. I am feeling joy, right now. Life is full of joyful experiences, blissful moments, and ease. I like the adventure that I am on. I like the newness of life that I am continuously seeing unfold before me and within me. I like how ignited I am with love, with light, with joy. I like sharing, heart-to-heart, with everyone in my sphere of influence. I am proud of who I am. I stand proud in this day and time. I am strong. I am youthful. I am exuberant and free. I am free, free to be me. I am enjoying the freedom that is mine. Yes!

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