I am ever changing. I am ever growing and evolving in beneficial ways. I have  new, wonderful experiences all the time. I am allowing for expansion and more and more freedom for all. I am continuously upgrading. I am inspiring change for the better. I feel newness of life welling up in me. I am aligning with the source of my being beautifully. I am a light being radiating joy. I am being amazing. I am filled with gratitude of all the experiences I am having. I am excited for the blessings ahead of me. I am open to receive all the gifts that life is giving me. I am breathing deeply and fully as I integrate the positive changes. I feel good about the wisdom and understanding that I hold and impart.  I am experiencing more and more joy and bliss. I am gentle and kind to myself and others as we grow and change in big, expansive, positive ways. I’m allowing the playful child within me to emerge and have fun. I am enjoying all of life’s exciting adventures and I am ready for more. Yes!

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