Pink sunI am feeling connected to my heart. I feel really clear on my goals. I feel uplifted. I am excited about life. I am feeling great about myself. I am allowing myself to be peaceful more and more. I am aligned with my purpose. My mind is calm. I am softening. My heart is buoyant. My heart is open and receptive to love. I am loving. I feel very capable. My spirit is being renewed. I am listening to the still, small voice that I’ve learned to love. I am accessing deeply into my being. I feel strong. I have a deep sense of trust everything will be all right. I am relaxed. I treasure my spiritual connection. I allow myself contemplation time. I love being present in my body in this day and time. I am ever-changing, growing, and adapting. I am flexible. I welcome change. I enjoy heartfelt connections with people, nature, and animals. My skeletal system is strong. I am realizing the priorities in my life. I am enjoying the beauty in my life. I feel serene connecting with my heart. Yes!

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