Hot pink sun

I am feeling my inner peace. I am feeling my inner glow. I am very safe in my body and in my environment. I am learning from all of my experiences. I am willing to settle into who I am. I like the I AM that I am being. I am feeling my lessons. I am being conscious of my human experiences. I am aligned spiritually. I love my source connection. I love being “in” love. I am love. I am listening to my inner guidance. I am in flow. I am embodying wisdom. I have a great understanding and awareness. I am choosing to live in the now. I am choosing to be present. I am accomplishing a lot, especially on the higher dimensions. I like my position in life. I am comfortable being me. I see clearly my role on this earth plane. I feel the deep calm inside myself. I feel divinely guided. Everything is in correct timing. All is well. Yes!

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