Green SunI am emotionally calm.  I have great insight.  I have the power to achieve goals.  I am making my life happen.  I am healing.  My root chakra is well established.  I understand bliss.  Life amuses me.  I am powerful.  I am in harmony.  I am in harmony with myself.  All of my needs are met.  I have a deep understanding.  My being resonates with prosperity.  I savor life.  I share of my gifts.  I take suggestions with ease.  My structure is changing.  I am ready to receive miracles.  I am a money magnet.  Every action I take brings me closer to my goals.  My subconscious memory has changed.  I live life with the wonder of a child.  I am stable, safe, and secure.  I realize I am happy.  I create my own destiny.  I am supported.  I am assured (times infinity).  I am dynamic.  I allow myself the freedom to prosper.  I am moving toward my vision.  I am embracing new concepts.  I am my authority.  I receive pleasure with ease.  Miracles come to me with ease.

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