I am financially secure. I am allowing my life to be full of wealth. I feel secure in all ways. New financial opportunities come my way on a regular basis. I am financially fit and free. My financial awareness is expanding. The right people at the right time come into my life to teach me what I need to know. I am choosing new expansive believes about wealth. I am receptive to money being offered to me. I draw people to me that are excited to pay me well for my gifts and talents. I allowed lucrative investment opportunities to come my way. I feel financially healthy. I have plenty of money to sustain the lifestyle I choose to have. My lungs are free to take in the fullness of life. I am at peace knowing I am well taken care of. I choose to be generous. I am prosperity minded. I live in a world of abundance. I am noticing doors of opportunities opening for me. I am creative and resourceful and I have all the abilities I need to succeed. I contribute to the world in meaningful ways and I am richly rewarded for it. My capabilities and potential are limitless. I use my time and money wisely. I am confident that I am making the correct choices for me. I have the freedom to expand my wealth. People enjoy paying me and I enjoy receiving money. All my needs are met. I am happy. Yes!

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