I am financially stable. Money comes to me easily, effortlessly, often and in large amounts. It is fun to make money. I am always well taken care of. All my needs are met. I always have more money than I need. I receive gifts often. It is getting easier and easier to be in receptive mode. I feel comfortable around money. I like how money is in continuous flow. I am at ease spending money and being generous, knowing giving and receiving is in continuous action. I like how bountiful my life is. I have the ability to stay centered, grounded, and focused no matter what the situation looks like. I am in tune with life. My heart is open to receive. I get great ideas all the time. I trust my decisions are correct. I am choosing to walk through open doors of opportunities. I trust that as I move forward I will be richly rewarded for my efforts. More and more, my life is deeply grounded in trust that all is well and I am well taken care of. Yes!

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