I am focusing on what matters most. Love is at the center of my being. I am vibrating love at a very high frequency. Love affects everything I think and do. Pure love is a priority for me. I am raising my frequency more and more to align with pure love. I am a positive influence on planet earth. As I align with pure love my body heals and upgrades. I am appreciating my awareness. I am appreciating the high frequency of those I attract into my life. I am realizing more and more what is me and what is not me. I feel truly blessed to have my source connection. I am getting stronger.  I am taking in deep breaths and oxygenating my body and renewing daily. I always have what I need when I need it. I am drinking in clean clear water that helps me vibe pure love more easily and keeps me clear. I am willing to be seen vibrating pure love. It feels good to be seen. It feels good to be expanding into pure love. Yes!

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