I am full of health. My body is rejuvenating. I choose healthful foods. My body radiates health. I am allowing my health to blossom. All my cells are ignited with health. Life flows through me with ease. I feel comfortable in my body. I am allowing me to be my best self. I organize my thoughts easily. I see new, more beneficial ways of being. I act with love. I stand in integrity. I honor and respect my body, mind, and spirit. I feel a deep sense of renewal. I am enjoying the present moment. I allow myself to experience deep relaxation. I am at peace with who I am. All of my body’s systems and organs are in harmony. I am fully nourished in every way. Energy has freedom of movement throughout my body. I have a harmonious connection with life. I feel enlivened by my environment. I take in beneficial vibrations with ease. I am flowing with the rhythm of life. Yes!

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