I am full of life. My body has free flow of energy throughout. I am fully connected to planet earth. I am effortlessly allowing energy to flow through my spine. I am very grounded in my body. I am present to the now. I feel myself connecting fully to my body. My nervous system has beautiful electric flow. I am happy and healthy. I am in perfect balance. I am expensive. I am enjoying how my awareness is continuing to expand. I feel the divine presence within me. I’m feeling my vibration and with every breath I take in and breathe out I am balancing my energy. I am allowing the rays of the sun to help regenerate my body. Nature is infiltrating me with balancing energies through sounds, colors, smells, tastes, and textures. Generational stuff is moving through me and is coming up and moving out to make room for the newness of life coming in. I enjoy being a sovereign being fully in charge of what happens in my body. I am enjoying exploring healthful things. I am adding healthful things to my life. I am full of life. Yes!

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