I am fully embodying the fullness of life. I have a direct connection and experience of love. I am handling life with more and more ease and flow. I have incredible wisdom and understanding. I feel lucky to be alive in these exciting times. I am basking in the love that I feel for all of life. My heart is at peace realizing I will always have what I need and I am well taken care of. I am feeling the calm in the eye of the storms. I continue to let go of what I don’t need and the things that have slowed me down. I choose to live simply and enjoy each new day to the fullest. I am enjoying the slow peaceful times when I allow myself to go within. I also appreciate the days I am full of activity and outer productivity. I am feeling my frequency strengthening. I am feeling more joy and freedom regularly. My heart is open and full of love. I am allowing free flow of love to come to me and expand out from me. I am in harmony with life and I am living my life in a way that makes me happy. Yes!

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