Dark green sunI am getting the rest that I need. I am allowing myself the opportunity to just be, to relax, to renew. I am releasing the need to do a lot. I am realizing that being is productive. I am taking the time to contemplate. I am finding myself communing with nature often. I am allowing myself the pleasure of sitting down and reading an enjoyable book. After activity, I am taking time to center and get present in the now. I give my mind the opportunity to get out of thinking mode. I find myself enjoying quiet time without noise. I like snuggling into my bed at night for a deep, restful, regenerating sleep. I give myself the opportunity to sleep as long as I want and need. Each morning I wake up refreshed and renewed with a clear mind ready for a new day filled with adventure.  My body‘s needs are being met. I am feeling content with the health and well-being of my body, mind, and spirit. Yes!

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