Sun-forest-greenI am happy, healthy, and whole.  My body vibrates cleanly and completely.  I’m in perfect alignment and harmony with all that is.  I feel fully energized.  I feel clear.  I feel fully alive.  I am vivacious.  I am humble.  I am calm.  I am inviting.  I feel simple as well as complex.  I have ease of movement throughout my body.  I feel uplifted.  I feel whole.  I am complete.  I see life through positive eyes.  I am allowing God to work through me.  I feel grounded.  I feel present.  I feel happy.  I feel excited about life.  I’m in a state of wonder.  All things are opening and moving in a positive way for me.  I am calm.  I am inviting.  I feel well.  I be well.  I am well.  I have all the energy I need.  My mind is focused.  My body is energized.  I live completely in my body.  I am nourished.  I am hydrated.  I am flexible.  I am strong.  My life is expanding.  I get the rest that I need.  I have fun.  I am playful.  I am free.  It feels good to be me.

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