I am happy with my body. My body is happy with me. I treat my body with love and respect. I listen to the needs of my body and I cooperate. My body moves with ease and grace. I have all the energy I need. I am flexible. I allow myself the pleasure of doing what makes my heart sing. I am happy with how I am living my life. I choose great foods to fully nourish each cell in my body. I am thinking thoughts that benefit me in positive ways. I like my body, I feel comfortable in it. I get all the rest that I need. I easily regenerate and rejuvenate. I get all the body movement I need. My body is enjoying time outside in nature. My body is the perfect size for me. I am grounded and fully present in my body. It is easy for me to understand the cues of my body. I am happy, me and my body. Yes!

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