I am honest with myself. I speak the truth with love. I am loving who I am. I am easy on myself. I am realizing my gifts and talents. I am fully energized. I am allowing my magnificence to shine through. I deeply care about my well-being. I am allowing myself to be full of vitality. I am feeling deep happiness. I am relaxing my judgments. I am loyal and faithful to myself. I am rooted in my being. I have what it takes to be happy, healthy, and whole. I am making my life the way I want it. I am open to new ideas. I easily transition through life‘s many changes. I am present in each new relationship. All my senses are sharp. I have permission to be at ease with myself. My heart is open to surprises. I have permission to love life with all it’s many facets. I am at peace. I trust my future. Yes!


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