I am in control of my thoughts. I choose my thoughts wisely. I allow myself to be in contemplation mode. I choose to see things in beneficial ways. I am brilliant. I am honored. I am truthful. I allow my genius to engage. I am insightful. I have a great perspective. I analyze things with ease and precision. I trust my assessments. I am aware. It is easy for me to focus on the tasks at hand. My perceptions are clear. I have great understanding. My thoughts are beneficial to me. I have great ideas. My thoughts are profound. I trust what I think. I am at home with my thoughts. I enjoy having new ideas. I think deep thoughts. My thoughts represent my essence. I allow myself to think joyful, happy thoughts. I am good at thinking through problem-solving. I am at ease with my thoughts. My thoughts change things in positive ways. I love the new thoughts I have each time my awareness expands. I allow my thoughts to uplift me. My mind is in harmony with who I am. I think harmonious thoughts. Yes!

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