Orange SunI am in love with life.  I hear myself think.  I believe my thoughts.  I am in harmony with myself.  I am in alignment with God.  I feel connected to the earth in a powerful way.  I am very present in my body.  I am at ease in my body.  I have the freedom to be me.  I rest knowing all is well.  I honor and respect who I am.  I trust life is going just as it should.  I am listening to spirit more and more.  I feel good about me.  I am honest with myself.  I am in harmony with life.  I am welcoming pleasurable things into my life.  My sacral chakra is fully energized.  I am radiating light.  I accept pleasure as normal.  My sacral chakra is powerful.  All my needs are met.  I am serene.  I am in touch with my power.  I accept who I am.  I love my life on earth.  My root chakra is powerful.  I am spiritually aligned.  I release what I don’t want.  I accept myself completely.  My root chakra is fully grounded.

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