Orange SunI am in regeneration mode.  I am happy, healthy and whole.  I function with ease.  My life is going just the way I want it to.  I am happy with what I am doing.  I feel healthy and strong.  I get great ideas all the time.  I allow myself to heal deeply and completely.  I honor and respect my body.  My body is allowed the time to heal and regenerate.  I feel rejuvenated.  I feel vibrant and alive.  I am whole in every way.  Health is happening.  I am rejoicing in the health that I am experiencing.  It feels great to be alive.  I am settled in my being.  It is safe to be me.  I am grounded.  I am present.  I am focused.  My brain is fully alert.  I am in happy mode.  I do health well.  I am vibrant and alive.  Life is good.  I am celebrating my well-being.  I dance to the music of life.  Happy me.  Happy life.  I am renewing daily.  I feel serene.  I am getting a genetic upgrade.  I release the old and welcome the new.  Yes!

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