Sun-orange-redMy sacral chakra is fully alive.  I am serene.  I am open to others.  My sacral chakra has all the energy it needs.  My root chakra is well established.  I allow myself to fully feel.  I am in harmony with all of life.  I am joy.  I am renewing daily.  I am continuously regenerating.  I allow myself to renew.  I am in tune with my intelligence.  I trust my future.  My teeth are calm.  My life is full of grace.  I have changed my subconscious memory.  I have courage.  I have clear vision.  I see who I am.  I have self-control.  I have permission to heal.  I feel courageous.  My sacral chakra is aligned.  I have permission to feel good about myself.  I see myself doing well.  I am tolerant.  I am full of radiant light and energy.  I allow myself pleasure.  I am expanding.  I feel my energy soaring.  I am assimilating what I need to.  I am joyful.  I am continuously renewing my spirit.  I can accomplish anything.  I have permission to be me.  I am pure.  I allow myself bliss.  I feel pure.  I am continuously changing for the better.  I have permission to be in bliss with who I am.

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