I am infused with strength. I feel my power and my strength. I am powerfully grounded and present in my body. I have a powerful presence. I enjoy being confident. My root chakra is fully charged. I have access to earth energy. I recharge each night during sleep. I feel fully rejuvenated. I am happy, healthy and strong. I am full of life. I am vibrant and fully energized. I see myself accomplishing great things. I am attracted to nourishing foods. I get all the body movement I need. God is in fusing me with inner strength. I am spiritually aligned and renewed daily. I am in harmony with myself. I allow myself to lead with love and compassion. I am open to receive praise. I trust my foresight. I have the confidence to step out and trust all is well. I am motivated to fully step into my power. I stand strong in who I am. I am glad to be me. I am honored to serve and I accomplish much. I have the strength to BE. Yes!

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