Hot pink sun

I am kind and loving, to myself and others. My heart space is open and clear. I am allowing my heart to soften. I enjoy deep connections with myself and others. I offer and accept kindness. I am calm inside. I live in forgiveness. I welcome gentleness. I love who I am. I see my strengths and admit to having them. I am content with my life and my accomplishments. I choose to give praise when praise is due. It is easier and easier to honor myself. I have self respect. I appreciate my depth. I am appreciating how buoyant my heart is. I am at ease in my being. I resonate with kindness, authenticity, and truth. I have compassion and understanding. I care for myself and my fellow humans, and all of life really. I am softening and surrendering and allowing my connection to source within me to guide me. I live with grace and freedom. I am aligned with loving kindness. Yes!

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