I am leaving the past behind as I move forward. I am excited for me. I feel brand new. I have all the energy I need. I see doors opening to wonderful opportunities for me. It is easy for me to focus on where I’m going. I am choosing new ways of being. I love how life‘s adventures are opening to me. I am allowing myself new experiences. I am being courageous. I am opening to prosperity flow. I am experiencing significant forward movement for myself. I am often filled with surprise and wonder as life is magically unfolding in my favor. I am lighthearted and free, free to be me. My life is glorious and fun filled. I am enjoying being playful in the midst of merriment. I find it easy for me to stay focused on the projects I’m working on. I make daily progress towards reaching my goals. I am living my life to the fullest as a take one step at a time. My life is fulfilling. I am learning a lot. I feel serene knowing my life is perfect for me. Yes!

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