I am love and light. I vibrate high. I am illuminating. I allow energy to flow through me. My heart is open to love. I feel enlightened. I am allowing the heavenly light to envelop me. I am lighthearted. I am caring, kind, and compassionate, and I attract that to me also. I am worth a lot. People see my worth. My energy field is healthy and intact. I feel content with the life that I have. I am allowing myself to be generous. I release what I no longer need. I am inspired to give. I am spiritually aligned. I am a fully functioning human being. I acknowledge my light. I am wise. I am happy. I experience joy and bliss regularly. My nervous system is at ease. I am being unconditional love. I induce healing. I BE safe. I am basking in love and light, and that feels good. Yes!

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