I am lighthearted. I am happy being me. I am enjoying my life. I am allowing plenty of laughter and play. My heart is buoyant. I am feeling the freedom that I have. I cherish the wisdom that I have. I speak the truth in love. I am enjoying the simple pleasures in life. I feel peace. I have released what I don’t need. All my needs are taken care of. I feel God‘s love. I have all the answers I need. I feel light. I radiate life. My mind is calm. I feel serene. I live in a safe environment. I have permission to enjoy my life. It is fun to celebrate. I celebrate life. My heart is full of joy. I am cheerful. I am kind and I receive kindness with gladness. It is fun to be festive. I can create joy at any time. I allow nature to bring me joy. Happiness surrounds me. I am bold. It is easy to be lighthearted. I love being in joy. Yes!

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