I am living in peace. I am allowing myself to be fully connected. I am accepting who I am. I am accepting what I be and how I show up on planet Earth. I am accepting how othersĀ show up to be. I am allowing peace and harmony throughout my life. I am allowing me to be comfortable in my body. I am allowing me to be comfortable around everyone. I am allowing me to live in harmony with life and with other people and with nature too. I am accepting what is. I am realigning with my true purpose. I am feeling very settled in my being. I am comfortable with my true purpose here on earth. I am the person I came here to be. I am powerful in my being. I feel strong in all ways. I am protected and I am protecting. I am feeling very connected to myself and very connected with my source. I am aligned with the power of love. I am love, pure love. I am living my life from my heart with pure love, being compassionate and caring, loving and kind. I appreciate my source connection. I am appreciating how accepting that I am and how accepted that I am too. Yes!

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