I am living present in my body. I am loving each moment in my day. I am feeling organized. I’m seeing things clearly. I am moving at the correct speed for my comfort. I’m getting everything done at the perfect time. I am being easy on myself. I am allowing myself to relax, to renew, and to enjoy life. I am in joy. I am in peace. I have a deep understanding of what’s right for me. I am willing to take risks. I am willing to be adventurous. I am willing to be generous and kind and loving and cooperative. I live with compassion and forgiveness, both to myself and others. I’m feeling free. I am free, free to be me. I’m feeling strong, stable, safe, and secure.  I am allowing myself to connect in with nature and feel the loving kindness and healing I am getting from nature. I can even imagine nature in my mind and calm comes over me. I am feeling all the pleasant moments as I settle into my body, into my being.  I’m allowing myself to sit and be, when I need to. I am allowing myself to release out of my energy field all things that no longer serve me, all past and present things that don’t belong in my space. I’m clearing the clutter off my mind, my body, and my energy field. I feel safe in my environment, comfortable in my environment, and lovingly held by my environment.  I am satisfied. My heart is open. I am really good at giving and receiving love and compassion and peace. I’m allowing peace to rule my heart, love to rule my heart. I feel loved and I love that. Yes!

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