Deep pink sunI am love, strength, and balance.  My heart is resilient.  May brain and heart are in harmony.  All of life matters.  I live in cooperation.  I am deeply feeling my connections here on planet Earth.  I feel grounded in my being.  I feel compassion, gratitude, and appreciation.  I am in tune with my heart.  I care about my fellow humans and all of life.  I am open to receiving and expressing love.  I am becoming more and more resilient.  My spirit is being renewed.  I am going with the flow of life.  I am noticing my inner glow.  My energy field is strong and adaptable.  I am allowing the newness of life to flow through me.  I have a positive outlook on life.  I am enjoying the me that I am.  I am living life to the fullest.  I am interested in being the best me I can be.  I love helping people and I am glad to receive the help that I need.  My heart is open and receptive to all good things.  I feel fully capable of making a positive impact on planet Earth.  I am making a positive impact, and that feels good.  Yes!

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