Deep pink sunI am love. I am allowing myself to feel brand new. I am allowing myself to slow down, to notice present moment and be in joy with that. I am allowing myself to love who I am and to love the body I walk around in. I am allowing myself the freedom to be. I feel happy and healthy and whole just the way I am. I am allowing my life to unfold beautifully in a way that I have never seen before. I’m open to new ways of being. I’m open to feel glad about life. I am open to seeing things with new eyes, new heart, new mind. I AM, yes, I AM and I am being present to that. I feel grounded in my body. I feel grounded in who I am. More and more I am noticing my confidence, my stability, my trust. I have stamina. I have endurance and I have what it takes to be successful in life. I am successful. I am alert to what’s going on right now. I have an awareness that keeps expanding and that feels good. I am open to love. I am love. I am BEing in love and that feels good. yes!

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