I am loved.  I feel good about me.  I feel lovable.  I feel like I am a fabulous person to be around, yes.  I know people like my company.  I know people are attracted to me because I am me.  I know that I go deep.  I know people like to go deep with me.  I feel included.  I feel valuable.  I see people noticing my value.  I feel people are paying attention to my presence and they like what they see.  I am well liked.  I am approved of.  I am loved.  I have always had people who deeply love who I am and what I stand for.  I have always had a whole tribe of heavenly hosts surrounding me, loving me, taking care of me.  They are paving the way for me in the physical realm to help me feel happy, loved, welcomed, included, appreciated, and held physically as well as energetically.  My heart is open and full of love.  My intention is to be blissfully in the presence of others who are like minded and living love as well.  I have always been living love.  I have always been appreciated.  I have always been wanted, welcomed, approved of and held.  I am seeing that now.  I am seeing that people have always known my worth.  There were times when people were out of balance and it didn’t feel good, but still I was loved and included in their hearts, even when I did not notice.  I am noticing it now.  My heart is open wide and feeling full of love, very full of love.  I stand in front of myself knowing I am full of love, as I have always been.  I am just now allowing myself to realize it, and it feels good.  Yes!

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