I am making things happen. My confidence is rising. I am sure of myself. I am sure of my actions. I draw great opportunities to me. I am present and focused. I am spiritually aligned. I am equipped to handle all opportunities I choose to participate in. I feel aligned with my purpose. It is easy for me to know what is correct for me to get involved in. I am meeting key people to help me on my path. I feel energized. I am competent. I am excelling in my field of expertise. People are noticing me and hearing what I have to say. My brilliance is being acknowledged. I am making progress. I am choosing to take a stand for truth. I feel good about what I am accomplishing. I see myself succeeding in life on many levels. I am proud to be me. My talents are benefiting many. I appreciate my genius. I am stepping forward in my own way and making things happen. Yes!

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