Yellow SunI am motivated. I feel motivated. I love being productive. I get my work done. I choose to finish projects and begin a new. Life is lovely. I see things clearly. I like to start fresh each day. I am full of great ideas that I choose to implement. I enjoy collaborating with like-minded people. I feel very connected to who I am. I feel centered and focused. My mind is stimulated to learn new things. I like seeing things from different perspectives. I am open to doing things differently. I move forward with ease and flow. I am dynamic. I allow myself to be fully energized. I like working at my full potential. I accomplish a lot. I am an influential leader. I like being in a leadership role. My body is renewing daily. I am aligned with what is best for me. I am enjoying life to the fullest. I like being outside and communing with nature. I like being social and celebrating the life that I have. I am shining bright and making a positive difference in this world and I am loving that. Yes!

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