I am one with the universe. I acknowledge who I am.. I am fully present in my body. I enlist all the energy I need. I feel comfortable in my body. I have a sound mind. I am open to new possibilities. I am enjoying my life. I hear my still, small voice and understand the meanings. I am imaginative. I am enjoying my new found talents. I often get inspirations. I feel at home on planet earth. Self-sacrifice is over. I have the freedom to do what I want and be who I am. I am interested in learning new things. I am ready for more joy and refreshing fun. I enjoy new adventures. I am inspired to take action on my next steps in life. I am emotionally balanced and I am living in harmony with all of life. I have new experiences that intrigue me often. I seek God’s advice. I receive answers to my questions quickly and easily. I am appreciating all that I am learning. I have the power, strength, and courage to face challenges with clarity and ease. I am partaking in life fully. Change is good, and I am receptive to it. I feel included in this miraculous universe. I am loving my life. Yes!

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