Yellow SunI am open and welcoming well being. I take a positive stand in life. I see things clearly. It is easy for me to see the big picture. I easily connect to who I am. My solar plexus chakra is fully energized. Energy runs through me with ease. I am mentally calm. I have free flow of energy throughout my body on every level. I have released the past and old ways of being. I am embracing new options. I am enthusiastic. I have self control. I am cultivating my spiritual side. I am powerful. I trust God. I trust my spiritual guidance. I am transforming my life experience. I feel spiritually aligned. I am kind and attractive kindness. I am strong and vibrant. Love fills my life. I feel God‘s love. I respond in positive ways. I am lighthearted. Love lights my way. It is easy for me to do things that contribute to my well-being. I am emotionally calm. I have great insight. I am full of joy. I envision peace and harmony. Yes!

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