Green Sun

I am open to complete health. I sit in awe at how effortless my body heals. I am transforming with ease. I love sharing from my heart. I am genetically strong. I have all the energy I need. I have permission to be healthy. I am always at choice. I feel complete. I feel God‘s healing presence. My body communicates well with itself. I am allowing myself to have well-being on all levels. I am full of joy. My heart is open to joy. I trust my spiritual insights. I allow comfort. I am healthy in all categories of life. I choose to believe truth. I like who I am. I am receptive to beneficial change. Life is amusing me. I allow myself quiet, calm moments. The color green is healing to me. I am regenerating and rejuvenating. I allow myself to release trauma with ease. I am in harmony with life. I am genetically clear. I trust the future. My teeth are strong. I have gladness in my heart and soul. I am causing health for myself. My root chakra is powerfully connected. I accept new ideas. Life is good. Yes!

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