I am open to greater understanding. I am allowing things to be highlighted in my mind. I am settled in my being. I have the skills that I need. My awareness is keen. I have ample understanding of the situation at hand. I am able to figure things out. I easily access the answers I am looking for. I attract helpful people who can benefit me on my learning journey. I see what I need to. I respect the wisdom of others. I can see things from many viewpoints. I am honoring my wisdom. It’s easy for me to see the core of the matter. I allow myself time to ponder before acting. I am allowing myself to go deep. I see below the surface. I am realizing there are many facets to everything. I choose to be still and let the wisdom and understanding flow to me. My heart is open for exploring. I am ready to go to new heights. New doors are opening for me often. I choose to investigate things that interest me. My awareness of interesting things is expanding. I feel safe exploring unfamiliar territory. I have a grounded, confident presence. I feel supported in all my endeavors. Everything is falling into place beautifully. I choose to understand. Yes!

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