I am open to many possibilities for financial gain. Money comes to me easily, effortlessly, and in increasing frequency. I love how energized I am while bringing in money effortlessly. My energy runs high now that I am in prosperity mode. The more money I have the bigger the positive impact I am making in the world. I love having money to be generous with. I have joy in fulfilling my purpose and I get rewarded richly for it. I am happy to provide service and people are happy to pay me well for my service. I effortlessly receive back multiple times more money through the investments I make. It’s exciting knowing the value I provide is touching the lives of many people and as I give, I receive. My money is continuously multiplying easily. I am well taken care of. I always have more money then I spend. It is fun to see the many ways money finds its way into my life. I am a creative money generator. I always make smart financial decisions. I invest wisely. The more I give the more I receive. I receive gifts and money from expected and unexpected sources. It feels good to be financially free. I am enjoying my prosperous life. Yes!

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