I am owning who I am. I am being present to the now. I am listening to my heart, and understanding my heart. I am making decisions from my heart. I am living in the freedom that I have. I am enjoying my source connection. I am settled in my being. I realize I am well taken care of. I will always be well taken care of. I see things clearly. I know what to do. I am feeling my heart’s connection with people. I allow and adore that. I am friendly, open, and free. I am meeting people. I am enjoying life. I am living life to the fullest in my way. I am allowing peace to envelop me. I am feeling soft and vulnerable and at the same time I am feeling strong and free. I am smart and I am using my wisdom. I have great understanding. I appreciate that. I feel equipped to navigate this world in this day and time. I am grateful for my source connection. Yes!

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