Sun-deep-sky-blueMy thyroid is in balance.  I prepare for things with ease.  I am enjoying life.  My structure is changing.  I choose love.  I am joyful.  I have the ability to change with ease.  I purify with ease.  I have assimilated subconscious memory.  I am renewing.  God is good.  I am worth a lot.  I have discernment.  My spirit is aligned.  I am emotionally calm.  I ride the waves.  I stand in my power.  I have strength.  I am content.  My pineal gland works well.  My body, mind and spirit are aligned.  I am in harmony.  I have courage.  I am tender.  I have assurance.  I am happy.  I am expanding with ease.  I notice my happiness.  I am supported.  I feel.

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