Sun-light-pinkI intend peace for the planet.  I sit with grace.  I have understanding.  I am kind and generous. I am living a glorious life. I feel the freedom that I have.  I am treated well.  I am inspired.  I allow myself to be calm.  I feel heard.  I am one with God.  Life is entertaining.  I have great focus when I need to.  I am grounded and present.  I have great self esteem.  I get things done in a timely manner.  I am discreet. I am discerning.  I take praise with ease.  I am flourishing.  I am inventive.  I am inspirational.  I like the path I am on.  I am honoring and respecting.  I see the beauty in everything.  I am pleased with myself and what I am accomplishing. I am magnetic and magical.  I allow miracles.  I draw great, helpful people to me.  I feel connected to all that is.  All is well.

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