Dark green sunI am ready for more awareness. I am mentally calm. I am serene. I am open for new ideas to come through. I feel content. I allow myself to be deeply calm. I accept myself completely. I am in balance. I am fully energized. My electrical system is in order. I choose to be optimistic. I am enjoying life. I am excepting how my life is unfolding. My light is ever expanding. I am strong. I am open minded and wise. I am aware of my spiritual guidance. I easily tap into my body’s communication methods. My heart is receptive to love. I am vibrant. I radiate life. I am receptive to the truth. I hear God‘s guidance. I am motivated to learn new things. I am aligned with the cosmos. My path is clear. My masculine and feminine energies are in balance. I am sane. I handle life with ease and flow. I am filled with wonder and appreciation. Living in appreciation is my way of doing life. I am handling my life well. My awareness is expanding. Yes!

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