I am ready for the new. I welcome it. I am shedding the past, and what I no longer need. I can sit in silence and feel my heart. I am ready to live my heart’s desires. I see clearly my path ahead. I have searched and researched this path I am on. I am renewed and recharged and ready for what is next. I am relaxing into the now. I am faithful to being present with my self and listening to my heart. I feel fully alive and present in my body. My mind is clear and focused. I have everything I need for my new adventures. Everything is unfolding beautifully. I am safe in my environment. I am safe in my body and safe in my mind. I am at ease as my energy flows. I am grateful and thankful for my source connection and the guiding light that it is for me. I breathe easily, knowing I am being held by the heavens. I feel very supported and grounded as I step into the new. Yes!

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