Sun-lime-greenI am receptive to deep healing.  I am on purpose.  I am focused.  I realize deep things.  I am allowing myself to be present and to have deep understanding.  I honor myself for being who I am.  I am happy with my progress.  I allow myself to go into deep contemplation.  I ask questions and receive answers.  I am aligned with my highest good.  I am willing to live my full potential.  I welcome God’s inner guidance.  My heart is open.  I have what it takes to be my best.  I am mentally calm.  I release what I no longer need.  I welcome change for the better.  I allow myself to be truly seen by others.  My liver is happy.  I am calm.  I am open to having freedom.  God is helping me with my short comings.  I am restored whole.  I am balanced and centered in love.  All my needs are met.  I am united.  I trust my future.  I am present for full deep healing.  Yes!

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