I am receptive to good. I am receptive to relaxation and rejuvenation. I am allowing my body to rebalance. I am allowing healing energy to run all the way through me. Every cell in my body is working magnificently. All the energy around my cells is working beautifully. All the systems in my body are working in harmony with each other and the goal of healing is being reached. I am healing on all levels. I am surrendering to deep healing. I am being bathed in healing energies is 24 hours a day, every single day. I am receptive to the deep cleansing and healing that I am receiving. I can easily relax. I can easily be calm. I can easily allow harmony to exist in my body and my realm. I am living in harmony with all that is. I am receptive, more and more, to beneficial things for me. My physical body is responding beautifully to healing energies. In my sphere, my aura, I have healing energies all the time. It keeps me calm. It keeps me focused. It keeps me on purpose. My body is responding beautifully. My mind is responding beautifully. I have everything I need. I am healing all the time. Yes!

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