I am rejuvenating. I feel refreshed. I feel happy. I feel ignited with health. I am noticing the subtle energies that bring health. I feel supported. I feel infused with inner strength. Joy surrounds me. I am being made brand new. I rejoice in the life giving properties from my environment. I am healthy and strong. I invite success. My life is my medicine. I have a joyful heart. I am grounded in all ways. I see myself whole. My skeletal system is strong. I easily move through obstacles. My body has everything it needs to thrive, and I am thriving. I am growing stronger every day. My energy field is vibrant. I am enjoying my life in this body. I have transmuted subconscious memories to my benefit. My heart is happy. I see things in beneficial ways. I am happy with myself. I am in balance, and that feels good. Yes!

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