Yellow SunMy heart chakra is fully connected.  I allow myself pleasure.  I am expressing my potential.  I fully accept my life on earth.  I am in control of myself.  I am risking my heart.  I am happy.  I am spiritually aligned.  I feel heard.  My sacral chakra is aligned.  I have permission to be healed.  My sacral chakra is fully energized.  I trust the future.  I feel cared for.  I have self-control.  I have permission to be free.  My body is free.  I am joyful.  I am receptive.  I stand in my power with ease.  I am happy.  All of my needs are met.  I am joy.  I allow myself to be happy.  I am mentally clear.  I am supported.  I have permission to be limitless.  My skeletal system is strong.  I am supported.  I am content.

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